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FOR DRIVERS ONLY: If a spouse of friend joins you in delivering meals on a regular basis, please list their name, relationship and phone number so we know who they are. PLEASE REMEMBER THEY CANNOT GO ON A ROUTE WITHOUT YOU. If another persion wants to be your "SUBSITUTE", they need to complete a separate application and background check as well.
Emergency Contact Information
Colorado requires that all drivers have auto insurance and valid driver's license to operate a vehicle. By signing below, I agree that I do and will contine to comply with the Colorado State Law that requires all drivers to have a valid Driver's License, as long as I am driving for Meals on Wheels for Fort Collins. In addition, I agree to only drive vehicles that are covered by the minimum automobile insurance, required by Colorado State Law while driving for Meals on Wheels for Fort Collins Colorado, Inc.
I have read, understand, and received a copy of the Volunteer Expectations. I agree to provide all required information and comply with all Meals on Wheels for Fort Collins guidelines. By signing below, I am confirming that all the information I have provided is true and complete.
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