Many of our clients and their family members have expressed their gratitude to Meals on Wheels! 

On 12/2, she will be moving to a continuing care community in New Hampshire to live closer to me (her daughter) and an expected grandchild. :-)

"Thank you" does not do justice to how appreciative we are for Meals on Wheels these past few months. You all truly lengthened the amount of time she was able to live "independently." While she was initially very hesitant about the idea (with her dementia, she still thinks of herself as very capable), within just a few days she was singing MOW's praises from the rooftop - how good the food is, how friendly the people are, and how much she loves it. Within a few weeks, we were able to see the physical effects of better nutrition and calorie intake - she looked much healthier and had more energy than she had in months. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for what you do. We are so grateful!

Sincerely,   Katie, daughter of Pam 

“Recently I had the opportunity to use MOWFC and I would like to thank all the generous people who saved me every single day for over three months. It’s awful to be hungry and disabled at the same time. You don’t realize how awful until it happens to you. But thanks to all the wonderful people at MOWFC I was able to convalesce much more comfortably. It was so comforting to see a smiling face every day and who can not love someone who brings you food?”

“Thank you for the very generous variety of food, Tuesday. The blizzard box was overflowing. MOW supplies me daily with wonderful meals brought by the happiest, lovely people that brighten every day! I am sharing some of the food with a neighbor who shared food with me 2 days ago that had been given to him. I felt so good to be able to do that and he knows the sources-MOW. Well, I am overwhelmed, continually, by MOW and thank God for this wonderful group of people.”

“Meals on Wheels for Fort Collins Staff & all the drivers: We don’t know how we can thank you all enough for all the years of MOWFC service for my father. The nutritious food improved his health, being able to visit with the drivers enriched his life and peace of mind to us was enormous knowing that some caring person saw him everyday when we were not able to be there ourselves. You made a positive impact in the life of my father and we are deeply indebted.”

Interested in receiving meals from Meals on Wheels?

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